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Watch Video and Read All Instructions Below


1. Please make sure to show up 5 minutes before the event and put away all distractions for the call


2. Second, please make sure that you bring your spouse or business partner on the call as we like to have all decision-makers present, so we respect everyone's time and position.


If you can't bring them on the call we can reschedule and find a time where they are present so everyone can get their questions answered efficiently.


3. Third, please make sure you are in a quiet place and you treat the call with respect. 


Being in your car, on your cell phone while you are shopping will immediately disqualify you from becoming a client. We definitely don't want to work with anyone that would treat the call that way.


4. Finally, If you cannot show up for your call, please click the "reschedule" button at the button of your email from Calendly. Not showing up to a scheduled call will result in you being disqualified from booking calls with us again. 

Please respect our time and yours. 

Dani Fernandez

CEO | Alpha Creators Media

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