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10 Easy Video Ideas For Real Estate Agents

Sometimes creating the ideas around what to create is more difficult than actually creating the content. That’s why we put together a list of the 10 most common types of videos we help real estate agents create for social media content.

1. Educational Content Provide some “easy to digest” tips for buyers and sellers in today’s market. Give them something valuable to take away and position yourself as the expert all at the same time.

2. Behind The Scenes Content Show people your day to day life. 90% of people don’t realize how much behind the scenes paperwork, negotiations, and other pieces go into a real estate transaction. Show people the work you guide them through when they choose to work with you.

3. Video Testimonials Showcase other people winning with your services. Show people finding their dream home, even in today’s competitive market. Show people putting their home on the market, getting multiple offers, and going under contract within 48 hours! Whatever it is you do well, highlight that through your client success stories.

4. Home Tours

Obviously, you sell homes. HGTV is pretty popular, so I’m going to assume other people would like to see other houses in their specific area. Take some home tour videos either on your iPhone, or (if you’re selling the home) with a professional videographer who can take high quality videos for the MLS.

5. Local Spotlights Highlight fun areas in your community. Think of the people who might be moving to your area from out of state. These people may not know about the cool local restaurants, coffee shops, parks, etc. Show them why moving to your area is going to be the best decision for them.

6. Lip Sync Instagram Reels / TikToks You can’t leave this one out. It feels like the whole world is lip syncing fun audio in TikToks and Instagram Reels. The best part about lip sync audio is that the whole point behind is to steal the audio and make it your own. So now, you no longer have to reinvent the wheel for reels. You simply find what’s currently working and make it your own.

7. Blooper Videos If you’re anything like me, you rarely get your videos perfect on the first try. And somewhere between the first try to final edit, there are bound to be some bloopers. Edit those bloopers together for a fun blooper reel to show your audience that you’re human too!

8. Team Member Highlights If you are a part of a real estate team, create videos highlighting each team member. Help your buyers and sellers get to know the team and who they will be working with throughout real estate transaction.

9. Office Tours Have fun with this! If you work in an office building, give people a virtual tour around the office. If you work from home, showcase your work space… even if it’s your dining room table.

10. Event Recap Videos

Most agents I know host some kind of event throughout the year. Take a couple videos during the event and stitch them together to create a fun highlight reel of the event.

All of these video types will give you the ability to showcase your personality and your expertise online. To start, I recommend picking 2-3 video types and sticking to them for a couple months to see how your audience responds. Play around with what works best for your business. Have fun creating content!

If you have any questions or need assistance with creating these kinds of videos, fill out the contact form on our “Schedule a Call” tab. From there we can connect and I can help you out in any way you may need.

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