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4 Content Types You Need In Your Instagram Marketing

When you’re crafting the Instagram marketing strategy for your business, there are four specific types of content that you are going to want to use on your page.

1. Instagram Reels

I’m sure you saw this coming. Instagram reels are a no brainer in today’s marketing strategies. The reach that reels provide FAR outweighs the reach of standard videos. There’s certainly a time and a place for videos vs reels, but reels allow you to reach the most amount of people possible. The goal of reels is to Entertain, Increase your social reach, & build your following.

2. Carousel Posts

Carousel Posts are excellent at INFORMING your audience. You can pack a lot of content into the 10 slides Instagram allows you to post. If the purpose of Instagram reels is to bring people in, the content in your carousel posts will position you as the expert in your audience’s mind. Inform your audience using carousels.

3. Long Form Videos

Standard videos are excellent at showcasing your personality & building trust with your audience. It allows people to not only see your face, but to also hear the sincerity in your voice as you speak. Now you’re not longer just a logo, but you’re a face that people can relate to.

Since the reach of normal videos isn’t as great as reels, I recommend only posting standard videos when they are much longer than one minute. Use these videos to update your audience on changes within your business, showcase a new product/service, or anytime you need to go into more detail that a standard reel won’t allow you to create.

4. Portrait Photos

I intentionally made this point PORTRAIT photos rather than just any ordinary photos… Hootsuite wrote a blog post that included this stat – “After looking at 1.1 million photos on Instagram, researchers found that photos that contain faces are 38% more likely to receive likes and 32% more comments.” Just like how video allows you to showcase your personality, photos of yourself or your team allows your audience to build trust with the people behind your brand. Most people don’t just follow a service or product. They follow the person behind the brand that produces the product or service.


For a brief overview, remember to always include reels, carousels, videos, and portraits into your content calendars when planning your Instagram content. Having a strong mix of these content types will allow you to really connect with your audience. If you have any questions about social media marketing or about ways to increase your reach, please feel free to reach out to me anytime! I would be more than happy to help.

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